When we let our guards down – that feeling of being at ease that enables us to relax and simply feel good in ­the moment.


When we get carried away – the ­feeling of leaving reality for a ­moment and immersing ourselves in the present.


When an experience activates our senses and stirs our emotions – whether we’re excited, entertained, frightened or provoked.


When we learn something new – the experience triggers our intellect by not only enlightening us but elevating our understanding.


When we’re encouraged to think twice – what we’ve experienced makes us want to reflect on the experience and how it affects us.


When an experience shifts our ­beliefs – it influences not only how we perceive the world around us ­but ourselves too.


When an experience triggers new ­ideas – we’re motivated to drive change by doing something new or doing the same things differently.


When we’re empowered to create something – we’re not only enabled by a new skill or craft but a certain confidence too.


When we just can’t help but participate­ – expressing ourselves creatively­ becomes the enabler for engaging with the experience.


When we experience something together – whether it’s with family, friends or strangers, the presence of and interaction with others affects us.


When an experience makes us want to level with one another – through compassion, we’re not only making an effort to understand but to relate.


When we feel heard and seen – the intangible sense of togetherness that arises through acceptance and inclusion.the moment.

Developed through collaboration

Since 2019, a collective of pioneering cultural institutions have individually contributed to refining and implementing the Experience Impact Compass in various ways. The Bikuben Foundation, Region Skåne, Roskilde Central Library, the Danish Film Institute, and Toronto Public Library have each acted as pioneers and collaborative partners in this endeavor.

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